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Why Select a Roofing Overlay?

A damaged roof that can no longer be repaired has to be replaced. Building owners who have kept up with recommended maintenance typically have a bit of time to prepare for the cost of a new roof. A professional from one of the Roofing Companies Atlanta mentioned the need for a Roofing Replacement after the last inspection. Planning for the renovation is completed and set for next month. There are no surprises, no stress regarding costs, and the family is prepared for the inconvenience.

Caught by Surprise

Many owners have no idea what condition the roof is in because they do not participate in a maintenance plan. Life gets hectic, and it is easy to take the roof for granted. People do not think about it until major repairs are required. Discovering that Roof Replacement Atlanta is needed can be quite a surprise.

Paying for a New Roof

Having a new roof installed is time-consuming and expensive. That can be stressful when the property owner is not prepared for the costs. Financing is offered by every Roofing Company Atlanta in one form or another, but most programs are contingent on approved credit. That may be an obstacle for some owners, leaving them in a difficult situation.

Consider the Option of a Roofing Overlay

One solution that is faster and less expensive than replacing a roof is having a roof overlay installed. A full replacement consists of tearing off the current roofing down to the roof decking. New insulation and waterproof layers are added, and a new roof is installed. An overlay does not require tearing off the current roofing.

Insulation and waterproof layers are added on top of the roof and the new roofing is laid on top of that. The option cuts down on several costs. Labor is not as intensive, so money is saved there. No disposal costs are necessary, saving more money. Initial protective layers do not have to be as thick or numerous as when installing an original roof.


An overlay is not always a viable option. Most building codes indicate that no more than two roofs can be placed onto a building. If an overlay was completed before, it cannot be considered again. The roofing decks have to be free from damage and strong enough to support the additional weight of a second roof. It is also important to realize that the expected lifespan of an overlay is ten to twenty percent shorter than that of a traditional roof replacement.

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